Septmber 11th 2016  (HardRock)  Nashville, Tennessee

January 18th 2018 (Evangeline's) St. Louis, Missouri

March 19th 2017  (Performing Arts Co-Op)  Nashville, Tennessee

September 23rd 2016  (The Warehouse)  Clarksville, Tennessee

June 4th 2017  (Mason's Place)  Lafayette, Tennessee

December 17th 2017 (Nashvegas) Hermitage, Tennessee

August 16th 2017 (Nashvegas) Hermitage, Tennessee

Song "Original"


Art by: James Neal


Copyright MEATBANANA. All rights reserved. 

August 6th 2016  (POW MIA Festival)  West Moreland, Tennessee

January 14th 2018 (The RainbowRoom) Los Angeles, California

June 6th 2016  (Magbar)  Louisville, Kentucky

September 6th 2016  (M.A.S.H. Festival)  West Moreland, Tennessee

January 5th 2018 (The Pond) Franklin, Tennessee

August 2nd 2017  (M.A.S.H. Festival)  West Moreland, Tennessee

October 13th 2017  (N'awlins)  Cleveland, Tennessee

June 11th  (Springwater)  Nashville, Tennessee

July 16th 2017  (Mason's Place)  Lafayette, Tennessee

April 20th 2018 (420 festival) Clarksville, Tennessee

(O'Connors Irish Pub)

  • MirrorBall051317(louder)3:45

January 12th 2018 (The 806) Amarillo, Texas

Song "Don't Feat the Water"


October 7th 2017  (Nashvegas)  Hermitage, Tennessee

November 16th 2017 (The Warehouse) Clarksville, Tennessee

T-shirts are available at live shows only and are available in Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL. For special sizes needed please email us at

June 30th 2017  (Revelry)  Hendersonville, Tennessee

October 21st 2017  (Scullys)  Nashville, Tennessee

(Acoustic Big John Trueheart)

January 20th 2018 (12th & Porter) Nashville, Tennessee

August 6th 2016  (The Warehouse)  Clarksville, Tennessee

January 16th 2018 (The Dive) Las Vegas, Nevada

Tour Dates

September 2nd 2016  (12th & Porter)  Nashville, Tennessee

Buy online this Live Recorded full length CD. Click Here.

Engineered by Michael St. Leon at The Switchyard Nashville TN.

Live Recordings for 2nd album will be released early 2018. Hard copies are only sold at live shows or in the trunk of cars. Look forward to seeing you at the show!

August 1st 2016  (POW MIA Festival)  West Moreland, Tennessee

July 15th 2016  (The Hideaway)  Louisville, Kentucky

July 21st 2017  (Mason's Place)  Lafayette, Tennessee

Soldier Suicide Prevention Music Festival

September 4th 2016 (M.A.S.H. Festival)  West Moreland, Tennessee

     In the pursuit of musical and artistic freedom and simply put "To Have Fun and a Good Time," MEATBANANA was originally formed in 2005 around soulful singer/songwriter Big John Trueheart by visionary/guitarist Chuckie "Weasel" McKinney in Nashville TN.

     MEATBANANA is a band that endorses being Yourself, Tolerance, Owning who you are and Leading the celebration of living and Life at all cost.  They have a reputation for liberating crowds with a show that has been known at times for theatrical antics and have created a loose care free atmosphere on Stages abroad.  MEATBANANA is synonamous with doing what they want, when they want and however they want without any boundaries and the freedom to cross genres whenever the moments are required.